A reminder of Italy in Lombok

Sunset from Cafe Alberto

If escaping, perhaps finding yourself, or running from the law, exercising your curiosity or a whim . . . if any of these is yours – whatever the impetus may be that brings you to Lombok, come you to Café Alberto.

Lombok Straight from Cafe Alberto

This dash of Italy is on the southern headland of Senggigi.  On the web it categorises itself a “B and B”.*  It’s more than that, it’s an oasis.

And have some thin slices of cold fish, ‘cooked’ in a lime marinade, with a salad with olio and dry, slightly toasted bread, some garlic and finely diced tomato.

Cup and glass of grappa on table

Have a cold, clean glass of water, a lemoncello, and finally an espresso, and join with these where you sit at a rock solid grey-coloured, four inch thick, solid timber and simple table, crafted.

Feel the trade winds off the Lombok Straight you look out to, blowing all before them.

Slivers of Italy here mixed with the warmth of tropical air, the quiet, the far-away-from-anything feeling.

Simple design that talks to you, the same as it does in Italy, anywhere it’s expressed in buildings the world over.  Less is more anywhere.

(How much do we owe to the Greek and Roman cultures, to Italy and Italians in their continual search for good design and food and conversation? **)

Thank you, Giuseppe.

* www.cafealbertolombok.com…

** We all wish to go back to Italy, I guess.  (That’s next . . .)

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