Launch today of national Cool Streets Campaign

Blast off.

The Total Environment Centre and Jeff Angel today launch their national Cool Streets Campaign, or as their news release puts it:

                          MEDIA ALERT

                               2 August 2012
TEC’s new campaign to reclaim the streets will launch tomorrow, with the construction of NSW’s first ecoPOP.
“A properly functioning street should use trees as free air conditioners, and recycle rain and sunshine on site,” Mr Angel said. “It should be a place to grow food as well as conversations. A cool street is also a great place for children to play.”
Mr Angel said TEC’s Cool Streets Campaign will help communities revegetate their streetscapes, and connect which each other’s challenges and innovations. TEC will work to get local and state government support.
“If we can bring functioning biodiversity back to our streets by providing the habitat for birds, insects and plants, we’ll see an improvement in air quality, and a healthier environment for everyone,” Mr Angel said.

The launch takes place at 9am, this Friday at the Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville, which has partnered with sustainable living guru Michael Mobbs, to facilitate the establishment of an ecoPOP mobile garden.

“In summer our cities are up to six degrees hotter than they need be, said  Mobbs. “ThisecoPOP will illustrate how gardens and trees can save the energy we pay for to cool our offices and houses.  If we get enough cool streets we can cut significant coal-fired power station pollution by 2020.”

Rosanna Barbero, General Manager of Addison Road Community Centre, which receives up to 20,000 visitors a week, said she is delighted to host the Cool Streets’ launch.
“This ecoPOP shows that sustainable, alternative, urban living is easy and fun,” she said.
For more information:….au
Jeff Angel on 02 92115022 or 0418 273 773
We’re on our way.
Terrific to share this journey with you Jeff, Ruth, Emma, Carlos, Trudy, Judy, Wilga Road, and all the others who’ve been so helpful,



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  1. janet france says:

    great idea Michael- were’re in!! Willoughby Community Gardeners

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