Cool streets to cool cities on ABC TV 730 WA


On Friday 20 on ABC TV 730WA  Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettit, Michael Mobbs and Shani of Hulbert St Рwhere I stayed in The Painted Fish Рshow how cool streets cool cities:…

Citizens; let’s cool our cities by 1 degree by 2020 and take power stations off line; we can do this.


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  1. Andrea Lange says:

    I was thrilled to see you featured on 730WA – you’re doing fantastic things, and I was so excited to see Shani Graham interviewed as well (I’ve just done a Living Smart course with her). I thought it ironic that you should be interviewed and shown spreading the good word in the City of Perth. Did anyone talk to you about the disgusting waste of beautiful, shady, trees along the Esplanade? Glorious heritage-listed trees have been woodchipped to make way for our Premier’s pet project, the Esplanade Development. The destruction of the trees has been condoned by the City of Perth and the Metropolitan Redevlopment Authority. Please check out the website of the City Gatekeepers, where the devastation of our natural, iconic, natural environment is being documented.

    If you can help to raise the profile of this terrible situation, please help!

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