And so . . . to chestnuts

A friend, Stephanie, has alerted me to a source of fairly local (near Canberra) chestnuts, and will roast some at afternoon tea this Saturday.  They’re ordered on the Net from Tweenhills Chestnuts:….au 

Fresh chestnuts are available direct from the farm duringApril and May. 

Their website says:

‘John and Heather Kane established Tweenhills Chestnuts in 1997. The orchard comprises 1,700 grafted trees on 10 ha. Tweenhills is operated using modern horticultural practises with limited use of chemicals.

We have trialled many chestnut varieties and selected the best ones for our region: chestnuts that peel easily and taste good.

We specialise in producing roasting chestnuts. Our main variety is an Italian style chestnut, De Coppi Marone.

De Coppi Marone is our main variety.  This is our preferred nut for roasting as it is sweet and easy to peel. We prefer to supply this variety to our online purchasers.

Chestnuts that are high quality, sweet tasting and easy to peel. We try to do this using limited resources in a sustainable way.’

I mention this before tasting them this coming Saturday as supply ends mid July so if you’re interested in sampling them time’s running out; if you do get some we can swap stories, yes?

Ever since I walked down dark, crowded streets during winter in Italy’s streets, snacking on chestnuts and the other sensations of the streets when I lived there for four months I’ve had a hankering for good chestnuts well-cooked.

May the local chestnuts be with us, oh yeah,


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