Upon, ‘being there”

Bronte sunrise, May 2012

Warning: this photo has little to do with this post

There’s a competition underway which ends this Thursday where people may vote for ‘the top 50 sustainability building leaders’.

It’s here:


Some questions and answers come to mind.

Q. Why is the competition being held? Answer: Follow the money.

Q. Will a ticker tape parade be held for the winner?  Answer:  If so, will the ticker tape be recycled paper?

Q. Can a nominee ask to be disqualified for lack of interest on their part? Answer: Who cares.  Anyway, who are these people?

Q. Will counselling be offered to the losers, drawn into a competition they knew nothing about?  Answer: No, let ‘em pay the price whatever it is.

Q. Who chose the 50 names and would they like to have lunch with me

Q. Is the winner’s title really, “The builder who would be king”?

Q. Or is it, perhaps, “The builder who knows best how to use social media to promote themselves?”

Q. Is narcism a necessary element of being an advocate of ‘sustainable’ stuff?  Answer: Is Rome a city?

Q. If a nominee does not ask to be disqualified for lack of interest do they fail because they are a covert narcicist?  Answer: You bet.

Q. Do these questions matter a hill of beans?  Answer: You’re better off watching Casablanca any day.

Q. And why am I in the list?  Peter Sellers had an answer to that in the movie about power and the ‘in crowd’, Being There: “I like to watch.” But it’s no help to me, really, Shirley Maclean’s not in the room here.

Find something better to do with your time, yes?


Scoot, you lot,


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