Frasers’ face of greed

Face of greed - pedestrians jammed in narrow footpath to make way for Frasers' car park

Trucks, utes and speeding vehicles do left turn here against thousands of pedestrians

Took these photos today of the busy Broadway footpath now jam packed with pedestrians.


At one point the passage is about 1 metre.  The photo of the mum with kid in stroller didn’t come out too well so it’s not here.


Frasers greed is now expressed in the footpaths along its site.  To make way for another car lane to allow cars to turn into the Fraser’s 3,300 car park spaces Frasers are narrowing Broadway footpaths.


Frasers fought the local community to get the car park and when they got the state government to approve it they were taken to court but the environmental impact of the car park and other parts of the project were’nt able to be litigated due to a technicality so now we get the car park.  Good info is on Councillor Harris’ web site, here:…


At the intersection of Abercrombie and Broadway there’s also a left turn without a pedestrian crossing; thousands of pedestrians cross there day and night and trucks, utes and speeding vehicles travelling at speed on Broadway assert right of way over them when they’re on the road or wanting to cross.


It’d be terrific to see the authors of the traffic reports for Frasers, the red tape folk with no backbone in the RTA and the state government wheeling some prams and wheelchairs across the left turn and on up along the narrowed footpath.


We could have a little competition; what can we rename this exciting passageway?  ”Frasers’ Greedy Strip”, or “Frasers’ Run”, or “Fast money Alley”?


Any suggestions.


As those well known traffic engineers and spin doctors, Roy and HG say, “When too much is barely enough.”


Anyway, when we look at the pedestrian crush we can see what greed looks like at street level.


May the laughter be with us,


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