Frasers’ Broadway project to slow city traffic


New lanes being added and footpath narrowed for new 3,300 car park, Broadway

(Apology for pedestrian giving the works the finger in the artwork.)

Frasers will slow city traffic with their new project, and we’re looking at more minutes added to the journey for buses and cars going to and from the city.


The 30,000 students at UTS and Sydney Institute  and the 40,000 + students at Sydney uni and the thousands of citizens who walk the pavement will have their pavement reduced by 1.5 m.  This will increase congestion, aggression and violence in the already jam-packed student throngs and late night crowds there.  Remember when the city widened its pavements to reduce late night violence and the success that followed?


Frasers are putting a right hand turn lane from Broadway to their new project to invite cars to get in and out of their new 3,300 space car park.


To accommodate Frasers’ profit-taking from their site the median strip is being deleted and the footpaths narrowed.


A gift to us from the state government and Frasers.


The new car park will generate over 6,000 new car movements a day.


Thank goodness the Frasers project is ‘sustainable’.  How can it be ‘sustainable’ you may ask when it’s adding several thousand car movements, several thousand tonnes of air pollution, reducing the attractiveness of walking and cycling, and the trees there have been cut down, and the urban heat island increased by a few degrees?


That’s a silly and aggressive question if you did ask it.  Have you no faith?


The developer says the project will be ‘sustainable’; surely you don’t doubt that?


Me, I just enjoy the entertainment and play with words here and I think that’s the real gift of the project; laughter.


Speaking of laughter; if Piers Ackerman from The Daily Telegraph is right, and I think he is, Frasers may end up swimming in its own greed and the city trips may become shorter and the air cleaner;  have a look at this and ask, where will Frasers be if Piers is right:…

May the doubts and the laughs be with you,


One Response to “Frasers’ Broadway project to slow city traffic”
  1. Jonathan says:

    Isn’t it more sustainable that new dwelling are built in a place like Central Park, near education and employment centres, rather than 60km South West of Sydney?
    The car park has to be built for fear of future residents fighting over spaces in the local streets. I bet if Frasers could get away with not building car parks, they would, as it costs money.
    And slowing traffic? How fast should traffic be moving through the middle of the city. Broadway is a traffic nightmare, to the detriment of local economies on either side.
    I agree that pedestrians and cyclists should not suffer from new road configurations, but it is better to approach this issue in a balanced way rather than your article above.

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