A magic puddin’ pump

Glockeman pump in creek

On Thursday I went to Melbourne and got a gift.

I saw the most wonderful, inspiring, “I can’t believe that’ pump.

(Yes, I know, I love water and sometimes my passion gets the better of me, but wait.)

This pump uses no electricity.

It was pumping water up over 60 metres.  It pumps day and night.  During the day one household on one side of the creek gets the water.  During the night the household on the other side of the creek gets the water.

It’s called a “Glockeman”.  Get the details here:





A wonderful invention; to watch it down at the creek and to know it’s pumping gently but powerfully all the way up to the tank at the top; of the hill 60 metres above is to be amazed; a classic redirection and harnessing of energy, no harm done.




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