Vertical garden in an hour at $nil cost

Vertical garden with soil exposed

Timber pallet vertical garden with soil in sacks

Tafe Outreach students built this couple of vertical gardens in my back yard.

It took a couple of hours to do the first one but it had to lie down flat for four weeks while the plants took in the soil.

The other one was built and lifted up and the top planting done in about an hour; by containing all the soil in the sacks and cutting a notch in the sacks to insert the plants we greatly speeded up the process.  And it’s beaut to see the top row planted in the one go.

It cost us nothing.  The timber pallets were from a nearby coffee house, Toby’s Estate, as were the sacks, we made the compost soil ourselves, and the plants we grew, too.

When the plants are a little bigger we’ll either put them in our road gardens or offer them for sale.



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  1. Andy Jones says:

    looks great.. here’s one I did last year for an Interior Designer using pallets – it wasn’t as quick or as easy as the ones on your site, but it just goes to show that with a bit of ingenuity, it’s easy to recycle


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