Smartflo guttering installer for Sydney

Here is an installer to consider for your Smartflo roof gutters that I use as they are self cleaning:

Wayne Miller does the majority of the Smartflo supply and fit work in the Sydney area. He lives at West Pennant Hills but travels well to all Sydney locations.

He has been working regularly with Smartflo since 2005.

You can contact Wayne on 0414 782 513, or e-mail :

For information on the gutters:…

May the gutters be with you,


5 Responses to “Smartflo guttering installer for Sydney”
  1. Richard says:

    Smartflo was purchased by Top Idea Australia Pty Ltd in October 2011. Hence the product continues to be manufactured and distributed Australia Wide from Smithfield, NSW. Top Idea Australia are also the manufacturers and distributors of Leaf Stopper gutter guard, see

  2. Glad to hear that the company will continue with the production, at least we can still have a continued supply of their great products. For a while there i was worried that ibika was right about shutting down and not continuing with the production. Thank you for clarifying this mate.

  3. Jone Roofing says:

    Great competition among Roofing Companies makes the industry more and more progressive. It produces innovations and new ideas. Sad to hear one of the industry’s top innovators closing.

  4. Michael says:

    I’m told the company is for sale. If it’s bought then this wonderful product will continue to be made and available to help sustain Australia’s limited, and declining, water resources.

  5. ibika says:

    hi michael, hope you get this comment..
    i just visited the smart flo gutter page and they say they are shutting down production and wont be selling anymore from the end of the year

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