Mayor Bloomberg donates $50m to fight coal


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“Michael Bloomberg will donate $50 million to the Sierra Club’s campaign to get rid of coal-fired power plants. Called Beyond Coal it has helped block the construction of 153 new coal-fired power plants. Bloomberg’s donation will allow the Sierra Club to expand their staff on the anti-coal campaign from 100 to almost 200 full-time workers.They will be spread across 46 states and focus on grassroots organizing, lawsuits and social media. Most politicians don’t donate money to the Sierra club to fight coal. Many in fact, accept campaign donations from the fossil fuel industry – both Democrats and Republicans. The current White House expanded coal production greatly in Wyoming. A report on the top coal supporters in Congress was just released. If you haven’t the ‘Beyond Coal’ campaign website, go here to see how coal damages the public health.

Coal plants are the number one source of mercury pollution in the United States, which can cause brain damage and diminish learning in children. There are about 491 active coal power plants in the U.S. releasing over 78,000 pounds of mercury each year into the air. Not only does the mercury harm human health, it contaminates rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.

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A man with guts, a spine, intellect and passion – and a mayor of a city, New York.

May many more such mayors be with us,


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