Death by coconut

It’s dangerous out there.

Particularly in the US. Twenty people there were killed by coconuts last year.  Read the figures below and shake.

Death by Coconut

(US Deaths per year) Causes Deaths Percentage
Smoking 467,000 63%
Obesity 216,000 29%
Motor Vehicle 43,354 6%
Falls 13,322 2%
Drowning 3,842 0.5%
Snakes 100 0.013%
Other Stinging Bee Deaths 50 0.007%
Skate boarding 42 0.006%
Falling Coconuts! 20 0.003%
*Africanized Honeybees 0.7 0.0001%
*of the deaths by AHB, a portion of these people were allergic to bees.…

As for the person listed in the table who is ’0.7′ dead; what kind of statistic is that?

May the coconuts fall far from your head,


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  1. This is hillarious. I’ve got to share with my son. Thanks!

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