Heat island being measured in Chippendale

Sydney City Council has begun to publish the temperatures of two roads in Chippendale at:

- the intersection of Myrtle and Abercrombie, in Myrtle on the southern side about 20 metres from Abercrombie:  this section of road receives direct eastern and western sun, is black, treeless and causes a lot of avoidable heat

- in Buckland street across from Levey Street; this section of road is shielded from the sun by buildings and trees with good canopy

You can tell where the temperature gauges are: look for a metal pole with a solar panel at the top and a cylinder in a protective mesh. (Savour the sign at knee height that reads, “Adults only”.)

Both sets of data may be read together on the computer screen allowing comparison of how the two sections of road heat up.  To read the graphs take this link then choose the data and time period you wish to see; for example, for the last 24 hours or week or other period.


This data will tell us how road design causes these two streets to heat up.

We’ll be able to get this summer’s data which will be very interesting.

With data such as this it’s possible to change road design standards to stop roads heating up our cities, driving up air con use, preventing trees reaching their natural canopy growth, and to stop that heat causing human deaths.

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