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How to disconnect from Mains Water and Sewerage

Here's how you can disconnect from Mains Water and Sewerage [PDF 480kb].


When you disconnect you don't pay fixed charges.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to disconnect from Mains Water and Sewerage and NOT pay connection fees.

Read what other people are saying and have a look at another example of water and sewer disconnection - Concord, Sydney [PDF 64kb]

Date: 07 September 2007
Subject: Disconnection from Sydney Water

Hi Bob

I've taken the liberty to use the email list and to wish you well for this weekend, hope this is OK. I saw the article in the local newspaper today featuring you & your place, well done.

I did notice that the reporter has quoted you as saying that "you have to pay for the connection anyway.." about the Sydney Water connection. Just wanted to let you know that I have fully disconnected from Sydney Water for both water supply & sewerage. Michael Mobbs was the driver for getting Sydney Water to change their ways & they have now introduced a new policy allowing this using a relatively simple process, similar to other utilities such as the gas, phone & electricity. By doing this I am now NOT paying any connection fee to Sydney Water, I am no longer their customer. My past bills from Sydney Water consisted of a separate fixed charge for both water supply & sewerage treatment, so I expect you could at least stop the water supply fixed charge. Come & have a look at my place some time to see what could be done to also stop the sewerage costs, or give me a call.

See the link below for guideline to disconnect.
How to Disconnect From Sydney Water


John Fuller

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