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Sustainable Links

This is a collection of links to on-line resources relating to sustainable living. Please email me if you have any additional suggestions or would like to swap links with me.

Latest Links

new - Rent a Chook.  If you are thinking of keeping choocks this is the easy hassle-free way to start out.

ABC News article on the Chippendale Urban Farm.  Check out the linked video as well.

Paul Sheehan (SMH columnist) writing on the recent seminar
SMH 27 July 2009 - We are stewing in our own oven


Climate change

Measuring progress: the Climate Group and the realtime Greenhouse Indicator - tracking greenhouse gases produced each week from energy use in Australia.  Read about them in the Sydney Morning Herald 11 Sep 2007

George Monbiot at www.monbiot.com writes One Shot Left: the latest science suggests that preventing runaway climate change means total decarbonisation.


Sustainable Living

NEW - Tara Guest House is a new take on the Sydney bed & breakfast scene which offers guests a gracious and stylish place to stay in the Newtown area of Sydney, 15 minutes from the CBD.

The Fifth Estate – A website for news and networking on sustainable property in Australia.
A website by and for passionate people and motivated companies who are determined to harness the power of the built environment to save the planet.

Watch the video: Chippendale Food Fair Urban Farming

Visit the website and Live Local

Brad Lancaster - Permaculture consultant in the USA with a focus on living sustainably in a dryland environment

Nature Conservation Council


Sustainable Affordable Living Australia


Sustainable Projects

The first website about the sustainable house
An ABC Online Feature


Sustainable Information & Exibitions

NEW - Free Community Garden Workshops at Carriageworks in September 2009.

Sustainable House Day

Ecologic @ The Powerhouse: Creating A Sustainable Future

Sustainable Energy Development Authority

Your Home: Good Residential Design Guide

NSW Government - Online Environmental Resources

Environment Australia

Sustainable Development Communications Network

NSW Total Environment Centre


Sustainability Research

CREST: Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology

Environment Protection Authority NSW

Queensland Government Environmental Protection Agency

Institute for Sustainable Futures University of Technology, Sydney

Urban Development Institute of Australia - Queensland


Sustainable Philosophy

Rocky Mountains Institute

Grameen - Banking for the Poor

Society For Responsible Design



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