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'An inspiring example of what one household can can do to help the world.'
 Ian Lowe, Professor of Science, Technology and Society
Griffith University, Queensland.

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What started as a standard kitchen-and-bathroom renovation of an ordinary terrace in inner-city Sydney for owners Michael Mobbs and his family ended up as a revolutionary adaptation of the dwelling to make it a Sustainable House -- a house almost entirely self-sufficient in electricity, water and waste disposal.

This book, Sustainable House, explains how they've created a home that's environmentally friendly, yet still a comfortable family home in inner-city Sydney.

Sustainable House provides information that will enable people who have no building, engineering or design skills to achieve their own sustainable house. It also provides inspiration in its story of two ordinary householders who collaborated with experts such as engineers, architects and builders, and who gained permissions from municipal, water and power authorities, to achieve their desired result -- a house almost entirely self-sufficient in electricity and water.

As well as being of interest to householders, it will be welcomed by builders, designers, architects, planners, local councils and government agencies. It includes examples of self-sufficient and energy-efficient houses from other parts of Australia, the US, Canada and the UK, and contact details for many hard-to-find suppliers and services.

Anyone who is concerned about the impact on the environment of the way they live will be interested in reading Sustainable House.

It is extensively illustrated with colour and black and white photographs, sketches and diagrams.



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