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An example of a Strata Office Project

GARIGAL 23 Narabang Way


Sustainable design:
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23 Narabang Way, BELROSE NSW
David Hawes
Glenside Group Pty Ltd


Michael Mobbs
April 2007
Currently selling to strata purchasers
Site: 5600m2
83 unit, three-storey ecologically sustainable strata office building. Sustainable water, sewage and natural ventilation systems
Total building cost of $12.5m; the green initiatives cost $1m.
Garigal - David Hawes' story (PDF 80kb)

Sustainable Design features:

  • Installed automatic blinds to keep out the eastern and western summer sun on the outside edge of the balconies approximately 2 metres from the glass line, which shade the glass far more effectively than internal blinds, and still allow windows and doors to be opened, and easy access to the balcony.
  • The strata units have opening windows which allow fresh air to be brought right through the building from one side to another.
  • There is a continuous clerestory window along the whole of the roof top to extract air.
  • The stairs and central spine of the building work as chimneys. They bring cool air through the building and take out hot air.
  • Utilised fire stairs into black topped chimneys to extract hot air and create breezes throughout the building.
  • Energy efficient air conditioning: each strata unit is fitted with its own individual Variable Speed Drive Reverse Cycle Air Con system. Each unit occupant has total control over how and when they operate their system, and because the power is individually metered, there is also a financial incentive for them to turn off their Air Con whenever possible and open the windows.
  • Water and sewage: the water from the sewage treatment system is to be used for toilet flushing and the excess for drip irrigation to the gardens.  The average unit will save about 15,350 litres of dam water a year
  • Energy efficient lighting in offices, corridors and the car park
  • Solar hot water


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